17_250wTraining Area
26__Obedience_class_250wObedience Class
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Training Centre


Dog training without conflict.

Kind, dog friendly and successful.

Recommended by Vets and the CSPCA

Martin’s professional expertise stems from training family- and working dogs (search & rescue, water rescue, working springers, detection) for over 25 years.

With his dog Che he is involved in IPO sport (competition obedience/protection/tracking at the highest level) nationally and internationally, which allows him access to the most progressive training methods based on the latest and up to date international research.

Brigitte, an internationally experienced professional educator (studied and qualified in Germany) specialises in Behaviour studies and applied Canine Therapy in the Boarding Kennels.

The findings of those studies are effectively used in the A1-K9 Behaviour Seminars and Training classes to explain and successfully communicate the CA.MO.FO principle.


  • Behaviour/Obedience/Socialisation Training for all family dogs
  • Individual Training
  • Assessment at A1-K9 of all dogs including dogs with all degrees of behaviour issues
  • Specific purpose training
  • Residential training and rehabilitation
  • Canine therapy