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Open day at A1-K9

In a series of planned Open Days for canine care students of colleges nationwide, A1-K9 Boarding Kennels and Training Centre is opening its doors to students of animal care/animal science of Mallow College of Further Education on the 18th of November 2015.

Proprietors Martin and Brigitte Noonan regularly run educational training courses for the family dog at their purpose build state-of-the-art facility in Knockraha, Co. Cork, which also incorporates a calm and quiet boarding kennel.

Brigitte, an internationally experienced professional educator has long identified that the education of the entire family is a vital part in training the family dog. How to be a responsible dog owner and how to effectively communicate with the dog is at the core of the A1-K9 training concept.

Martin, a well experienced, versatile and highly accomplished dog trainer is currently training with his German shepherd dog Che to represent Ireland in the 2016 WUSV World Championships in Germany. He believes that plenty jobs can be created for capable people who, apart from a college degree in canine care, have as much practical work experience with as many dogs as possible. “With practical work experience at our facility we would like to help further the education of students in the world of canine care and dog training. With A1-K9 we have created a template and have set the standard in what can be achieved.”

As step one in their plans to create jobs for a number of dog training instructors, Martin and Brigitte will be offering students the opportunity of practical work experience at their facility during the summer of 2016. The most suitable individuals will then be selected to participate with their own dogs in a challenging pilot project.

For information please contact: 021 4889452 085 7685674





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Article Published in The Cork Advertiser (19/4/2013)


As co-owner of A1-K9 Boarding Kennels and Training Centre, I honestly believe that I have one of the best jobs in the world. Ever since I was a child, I have loved dogs and to be able to work with dogs every day is just wonderful.

Walking across the yard to do the morning shift is the perfect start to any day. We live in a beautiful peaceful place near Knockraha village, where instead of traffic or human sounds we hear birdsong and pheasants croaking in the surrounding acres of fields.

I open the kennel door and I see happy dogs looking at me, tails wagging in anticipation of going on their morning walk. Whilst I go about my business of feeding, cleaning, exercising and playing, all dogs wait patiently for their turn. There is no barking! Yes, we really do have a quiet and calm boarding kennel. To be honest, I could not imagine it any other way, because we believe that barking dogs are not happy relaxed dogs. I actually know of boarding kennels, where the owners wear industrial earmuffs. A very wise decision in my opinion, as there is no doubt in my mind that the constant noise of barking dogs will damage hearing.

Noise pollution from barking was the single most important factor in our plans and design for our boarding kennels, as our house is quite near the kennels.

We did our research and visited many kennels abroad and here in Ireland and they all had one thing in common: intolerable noise levels, causing stress to dogs and people.

Dogs in our care are really happy, because apart from fulfilling their needs, we provide a stress free and relaxed environment for them.

In our dog training methods and our work in the kennels we take a pioneering and progressive approach; we never stand still, we constantly look for ways to improve, we learn from experience and we build on past achievements.

It is not easy to achieve a quiet kennel, but it is possible.

Martin’s in-depth understanding of a dog’s mind, his unique “Training without Conflict” approach, his skills and professional capability as a dog trainer combined with my boundless love and consideration for all dogs makes us pioneers in our field of expertise.

A1-K9 has set a new standard in boarding kennels. Calm and quiet kennels are the boarding kennels of the future; it is a natural progression, which will benefit dogs and people. Happy dogs make happy people.



Article Published in Avondhu (2/4/09)

Photo_of_facility_500wDespite the harsh effects of the recession on our economy a new business is opening its door to the public, well, mainly to the four legged public. Located in the picturesque rural area of East Cork, between the villages of Knockraha and Watergrasshill, A1-K9 is a modern first class Dog Boarding Kennels and Training Centre.

As a result of extensive research, including visits to similar businesses in Germany, the UK and Ireland, the proprietors Martin Noonan and Brigitte Schorn had a very clear vision of what they wanted to achieve. As there are no Irish Guidelines for Boarding Kennels yet, the couple designed and built the complex to a very high European Standard.

Inspired by their love for their own dogs and equipped with an exceptional understanding of the needs of our canine friends, the couples’ ultimate goal is, to provide stress free and comfortable boarding for every type and breed of dog.

The complex has a very modern special care unit for injured or convalescing dogs. These animals can be constantly observed from a friendly and welcoming reception area. For working dogs and family pets of all sizes and breeds A1-K9 provides brightly painted, comfortable temperature-controlled individual kennels, each with indoor bedding area and it’s own over roofed outdoor run. All dogs will also benefit from large exercise runs, agility area and daily walks on the 2-acre property.

A1-K9 provides a professional dog training service, i.e. Obedience-, Socialising-, Agility- and Individual training as well as training dogs for specific purposes (i.e. companion dogs, therapy dogs). The couples’ expertise stems from years of involvement in dog training for search and rescue, water rescue and other working dogs.

Talking about how the recession will impact on their new business the couple is optimistic. “The combination of Boarding Kennels and professional Dog training will give our business an advantage over other Boarding Kennels, Brigitte Schorn told The Avondhu.

“As every dog owner will confirm, there is nothing more satisfying than walking with a well behaved dog in public. A dog that does not pull on the lead and sits on command, ignores other dogs and does not jump up on people is every dog owners pride and joy. We are here to help people achieve that,” says Brigitte.

Martin can see huge potential in training dogs for specific purposes. He is currently concentrating on qualifying his own dogs for water rescue. He says: “Our own Irish dog training ability is largely unknown. I aim to change that; I want to put Ireland on the map.