Frequently Asked Questions

12x_250wWhat must I bring?

At A1-K9 we insist on proof of full vaccination (annual 7 in one plus kennel cough), your Vet will know. We ask each dog owner to fill in a questionnaire upon arrival.

Do I need to bring food or bedding?

No, we have a variety of quality dog food and various types of bedding to suit all dogs. But it is your privilege to bring your own special food/clean bedding/toy if you wish.

15_250wCan you administer medication or diabetes injections?

Yes, no problem.

Do you board cats?

Unfortunately not.

Can I come and see your kennels before deciding to book my dog in?

Yes, we encourage a visit. However, please make an appointment, as every visit will unsettle the dogs and create stress and barking. The welfare of the dogs in our care is our top priority and we expect every dog owner to respect that.