Attention all dog owners – keep your dog safe at HalloweenDNYE_SUB_BANNER_FIREWORK

 Halloween, one of the great yearly celebrations is upon us again. It is also one of the few times during each year, when all dog owners must be extra vigilant and keep their dogs indoors and safe.

Dogs do not like fireworks, loud bangs or even thunder and lightening and every year during Halloween or New Years celebrations many dogs get such a fright that they take off and keep running without aim, often for miles and miles. When dogs go missing, they are in great panic and distress because they do not know how to find their way home.

Make sure your dog is safe by keeping him in the house. If you have to go out and leave the dog alone in the house, pull the curtains and put on the radio or TV to mask the noise of the fireworks. Do not assume your dog is safe in an outside run, in a panic a dog can jump/climb very high fences. 


Dog Trainers Advise

by Martin Noonan
04. January 2010




Please do your research. Do not get a puppy for the wrong reasons, i.e. because it is cuddly or cute. Find out what that puppy will be like as an adult. How much energy and stamina will it have? Will you have the time and inclination to give him the exercise he needs? Chose a pup that will suit your lifestyle rather than one that you like the look of.

Once you have made an informed decision on the type of dog that suits your circumstances best, there are a few simple tests that you can do with a prospective litter of puppies to help determine the dog’s character.

1. Gently hold a puppy on its back for 30 seconds and see does it:

  1. Struggle fiercely and bite
  2. Settle and snuggle
  3. Settle and avoid eye contact

2. Sit the puppy by your side and gently stroke it continuously from its head down its back and see does it:

  1. Jump, paw and try to bite
  2. Cuddle and try to lick
  3. Try to get away

3. Lift the puppy with your hands under its belly, with your fingers interlaced and hold it for 30 seconds. See does it:

  1. Struggle and try to bite
  2. Not struggle and relax
  3. Not struggle and freeze

Doing these simple tests will give you a better insight into the possible adult dog your puppy might become.

For a more detailed test Google VOLHARD PUPPY APTITUDE TEST.
And remember – You do not have to choose from the first litter that you see.