What our customers are saying!

Took our rescue dog JoJo there to deal with some behavioural issues with regard to barking, walking,unpredicatable aggression and separation anxiety.

The two of them are great, extremely experienced with dogs of all shapes, sizes and personality. Any question I had, they had a specific set of actions to take – and each one we’ve implemented has seen him become a happier, calmer dog.

They take dog welfare extremely seriously and have designed their kennels and training with that in mind, and are clearly very passionate about how it should be handled within Ireland.

Worth every cent.

Aodhan O Leary  2023

Excellent course. Our dog is calmer and happier in himself. In fact as a family we’re calmer and happier with the dog. I would highly recommend Martin and Brigette at A1 K9. Our dog is responsive to simple commands and has really started to behave. I’m looking forward to going for walks and getting out and about without the stress.
Fergal Macdonald  2022
Had lessons here with a difficult dog. Martin & Brigette were excellent tutors & extremely knowledgeable. They have an experience that can only be developed through years of learning. I have also put my dog into A1K9 kennels, where the training continues to ensure you get your dog back in the same condition. Very impressed.
Eoin O Halloran.  2022

Worked wonders for my German shepherd.

Jonathan Hanley.  2022

I finished this course today and I am extremely happy with the outcome. We have made great progress in the 4 weeks. Martin and Brigitte are true pioneers of dog training. If you follow the training you will get the results
Patrick Thornhill 2022
Accidently found A1-K9
Last July while I was looking for help with my dogs – I’ve completed the course and the wonderful results with my dog are quite staggering. Martin and Bridgett really know what they are about, incredibly in tune with dogs and their nuances. I can highly recommend A1-K9 for anyone looking for professional help with young puppies or adult dogs – it’s a joy to have a well behaved dog in my kitchen now!
Going to take my second pup and my eldest son to them imminently for training now.
Tim Lucas. September 2020

Hi Martin & Brigitte,

Just a quick note to say thanks a million for the training both Buddy and I received over the last 4 weeks. Buddy is a much calmer and happier dog as a result, not to mention slimmer, having ditched the unsuitable food and treats!! We will both miss the classes as they were very enjoyable and a great opportunity for Buddy to spend some time around other dogs. Having experienced the training programe, I can now see that Buddy had gotten into a lot of bad habits, many of which I must admit were contributed to, (in a large part) by me !  I now have a much better understanding of Buddy and how to handle him.We have both undergone a steep learning curve and whilst Buddy is by no means perfect, he has made huge strides over the last few weeks and I intend to keep up the training tips for life.

Buddy also had the opportunity to do a trial ‘over nighter’ in  the lovely kennels, having never slept out of home previously. Buddy got on very well and I now have peace of mind that he will be exceptionally well looked after when I go on holidays.

Kind regards

Trish Manning (Glanmire)

Joxer the CA.MO.FO. Boxer

Joxer is a 7 month old Boxer who was about to apply for a position in the circus. He would definitely have succeeded. Though a very lovable and cute puppy, he had become quite difficult to live with. In fact Joxer was so clever, he had us working for him. That was until Martin and Brigitte at A1-K9 were recommended to us by a friend.

We had spoken to at least three “trainers”, all of whom told us that Joxer could be trained in 1 session and all would be well. One even suggested that we give the puppy an anti depressant to calm him down!!!

Disbelievingly I went along with it (not the pills) but the one-off sessions and of course the only result was short-term, along with disappointment for owner and dog never mind to say the hefty fees and even worse behaviour.

At A1-K9 however it all began with an initial assessment of Joxer and his antics and my own behaviour towards him. Having met with Martin, I left with the confidence that we could channel Joxer’s energy into positive behaviour for which he would continue to be rewarded and my life could be reset as owner, and enjoy my time with Joxer.

We both embarked on a unique and innovative programme called CA.MO.FO. This programme, created by Martin and Brigitte became our way of life over 4 weeks and is now a daily practice for owner and dog. The initial owners-only seminar converted my thinking as a responsible dog owner and got me inside Joxer’s head.

From session 1 onwards, Joxer was making remarkable changes in his behaviour and once CA.MO.FO. became installed in mine and his mind, life at home with Joxer transformed from trial to pleasure and positive expectation. I am now the leader!

No more having my arm pulled out of me when walking, no more begging the dog to do what he is told, no more disruptive barking. Instead, happy, motivated, obedient, patient, fun loving….. and that’s only me! Joxer too of course. I cannot praise Martin and Brigitte enough for catching this guy at an early age and teaching him what’s what in a most positive, loving yet structured way.

CA.MO.FO. really works and I would say to any dog owner – do not waste your time and money on fly-by-nights. Yes, you’ve gotta to be up for the work but it really pays off.

Joxer will also spend holidays in the A1-K9 state of the art bark free boarding kennels where he will continue his CA.MO.FO. training and have loads of fun and games along with his calm time while we are on hols.

Thank you Martin and Brigitte at A1-K9.

Frances Tolton (Shanagarry, Co. Cork).

To Whom it May Concern

  • We have just completed (August 2016) a review, Seminar and three week (four day) training session for us and Vladimir, a 3 Year old male Irish terrier with aggression, socialisation and nervousness issues.
  • Having tried a behaviourist with no improvement we decided ‘on a recommendation’ to try Brigitte and Martin and their impressive, state of the art kennels and training facility. What really impressed us is that Brigitte and Martin are very ‘hands on’ and ‘individual’ in their approach and go ‘beyond professional’ in how they deal with customers and their ‘problem’ dogs.
  • Their approach is multi faceted approaching the dog, its environment, the owners and even diet in a systematic, timely, effective, simple to understand and considerate way.
  • The results with Vladimir mean that he is not only significantly (and I mean significantly !) calmer and more obedient but just as important, we know how to approach him and deal with his particular issues. The improvements continue.
  • In addition their Kennels are premium grade, best in class, clean and calm environment where dogs visibly enjoy their ‘sabbatical’ away from home in a safe, secure, five star doggie activity camp with private rooms and a covered outside balcony with a view.
  • We have no hesitation in giving Martin, Brigitte and A1-K9 the ‘highest of recommendations’ as we personally witnessed the improvements in us and our dog and the visible marked improvements in all the other trainees (dogs and owners/handlers) that we met during the sessions.
  • You will be impressed and so will your four legged best friend.

Brendan, Antoinette (and Vlad). 12- Sept 2016

Have just completed our training course with Martin and Brigitte. Before I started I did not know how we were going to handle our five month old Cockapoo, Beau. He had a mind of his own and used it!! But I need not have worried as Martin and Brigitte showed me how to behave and encourage Beau. It is a lot of work but as they say “you get out of it what you put in”. Six weeks ago I would not believe we are where we are now and with ongoing training I know Beau will be a joy to have in our lives. I would highly recommend A1-K9 to anyone who has a dog that rules the roost! Thank you Martin and Brigitte.

Margaret and Beau. August 2016

I completed the dog training course in June with Martin and Brigitte. The learning started on day one with the initial assessment with Martin. Since that initial assessment, I have made a series of changes with Zac and know now that consistency in implementing the skills learned has been the key to the very positive changes I have witnessed. We are very much, a work in progress. However, we are going in the right direction. Great credit due to Martin and Brigitte for the work that has gone in this training programme.

Thank You,

Dolores and Zac. August 2016

Having completed the dog training course with Martin & Brigitte I gained a valuable insite into dog behaviour and the reasons behind it. I am more confident out in public with my dog and now I have made some changes around my own behaviour also. We are still not perfect but a work in progress and both of us are happier all round. I would highly recommend the course.

Caroline & Daisy. June 2016

Have just completed my training with Martin and brigette in A1 k9 with my dog Millie who is a 6 year old bichon freise who down to my own downfalls was hyper spoilt and had the run of the house and I have to say I can not get over the results. Amazing I never thought it would be possible to train a dog at this age but they went above and beyond to prove me wrong and I now have a different dog nice and calm obedient and behaves so well. Thank you so much for all your help. Looking forward to meeting you again when Millie will come back to the boarding kennels. Highly recommend this course to anybody needing to train there dog to be better.

Karen and Millie. June 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend A1 K9 training. I have just completed the 4 weeks and the pre training seminar. It made great sense and was amazing how quickly the dogs learned… (or maybe more to the point…the owners!!)
I have seen a huge change in our dogs behaviour and am delighted to see her positive response to it. It is still a work in progress which Martin and Brigitte tell you from the start… It is all about continuing with the skills you learn. It becomes a routine. I’m so looking forward to being able to take her more places and am more confident around her behaviour.
I took her for her first long walk today since the training and she was brilliant! She used to go mad when other dogs passed and could get quite feisty …. Today… After the training she was like a new dog and we had only one or two very small hiccups.
Not only is the training great but I have to say that Martin and Brigitte are a fantastic team. Martin is amazing with the dogs…he’s like a dog whisperer! And Brigitte is so down to earth, informative and very funny, which lightens it all. I was nervous to start but actually looked forward to the classes and the hour and a half was gone so fast.
Thanks so much for all your great help Martin and Brigitte. Your training was well worth the investment. We look forward to using your Kennels over the summer.

Avril and Mo.  April 2016

Just back from after finishing training with Martin and Brigitte. Have to say both Finn and I thoroughly enjoyed the training. We now have a totally different dog to what we had before we began the training. We knew deep that he was a great dog but by doing the training we have given him an opportunity to thrive in a positive environment.

Thank you so much for all your help.

Miriam and Finn. April 2016

Jessie, our Bull Mastiff showed signs of aggression toward other dogs especially our neighbours husky who she got into numerous scraps with. Now, she is a much calmer, less stressed, obedient and happier dog and I have the skills obtained from the training sessions to keep her that way. Huge thanks to Martin and Brigitte for the huge learning curve and all your help with my precious pooch. A1 K9s approach is amazing.

Michelle and Jessie. March 2016

I went to A1K9 as I had an very aggressive german sheperd. My neighbour recommend Martin and Brigitte as they perfectly know how to handle agressive dogs. . I am happy to say it was worth every euro spent on the training classes, and boarding kennels, as they took my Bandi into it when I was on my holidays. They teach a dog so many things while he was there, teach him commands, how to walk, Socialaised with People and other dogs in only a few weeks. Martin and Brigette do amazing work with my dog! I never thought my Bandi could behave so well and be walked in public. he is a completely different dog now. A1 k9 classes show me how many mistakes i did with my Bandi and i was the reason of the agression, but now i know how to train him and he loves it. Thank you both for your help. Your are amazing!!!!

Iza Bella & Bandi. December 2015

We went to A1K9 on recommendation from a friend as we had an aggressive dog. I can honestly say it was worth every penny spent on the training classes. Martin and Brigette do absolutely amazing work with dogs ! We never thought our dog could behave so well and be walked in public but he is a completely different dog now. What we really learned was that the skills you learn at A1K9 are a way of life. You really have to put the work in at home to see the results but it is worth every minute when your dog transforms in to a happy, obedient dog. If you think there is no hope for your dog , you are wrong ! A1K9 WILL help you and your pets to become a happy furry family. I took our other dog there for 2 classes also and in a few short weeks she has improved hugely on the lead and in the house , she is less nervous and way more chilled out. I would recommend them to anyone, from small problems to big, Martin and Brigette are the best around for sure.

Thank you both for your help.  

Caitlin, Leon, Bunny and Luna X.  November 2015

Today Kissy has completed 1, 6 week course…1, 4 week course and 3 intensive weeks with Martin and Brigitte. Kissy is a totally different dog from the first time I brought her to Martin and Brigitte after she had been seriously mistreated at Top Dog Training in Co Louth….I took a sweet 6 month old pup there for 4 weeks while in America and came home 1st day to a fear agressive German Shepherd. I can’t praise Martin and Brigitte highly enough. I have had German Shepherds for over 25 years and this was the first time I experienced such frustration and concern but with their constant help and guidance I now have a Brilliant Confident German Shepherd that is my companion and best friend!!!

Chris Daly & Kissy. September 2015

We have 2 springers one was disobedient the other was a bit nervous. We went to A1-k9 as there was a new baby arriving in the family and we needed obedient dogs if we wanted to keep the dogs as integrated in the family as they were used to. One dog attended the training and we put in place the same training principals with the other dog that was learned in the weekly classes. Following the 4 weeks of training we couldn’t be happier we have a new baby in the family and two calm obedient dogs that have been excellent with the arrival of the new baby. It was a complete success.
Happy dogs and a happy house.

Ryan O Callaghan & Sally. August 2015

Just want to say a huge thank you from myself and Jiro to Brigitte and Martin.. their expertise brought my independant “worry about yourself not me” pup to a happier and more settled little man.. who listens to me! Everyday I’m reminded of how important strict training is for dogs not just the big ones but also the little ones.. I no longer have to worry about his behaviour when we go out, as the methods we learned at a1-k9 have resulted in a heel walker whose attention is easily brought back to me in situations which he may have previously engaged in. Jiro is an Akita who because of his size and appearance often faces biased opinions and comments from others who don’t know him. By ensuring his obedience with the methods we learned at a1-k9 and continue to practice and train, I want to give my dog the best chance in life and show people that a big fuzzy Akita isn’t a threat to them or their dog.
Thanks again for everything! Jiro says Hi
Mir O Shea &Jiro. June 2015

We are absolutely delighted with the results we got from taking part in these classes we have two 7 month old German Shepherds and they were so focused on each other and had no food motivation before we started and then Martin and Bridgitte told us every thing we needed to know and made so much effort to help us they couldnt have been more helpful, the classes are really worth doing and I would really recommend it to all dog owners as A1-k9 helps you train your dog in a positive way and it really works! The difference we seen in the two dogs in just four weeks was amazing !

Thanks again for everything.

Kathleen Talossi and Nero. May 2015

Really worth doing, learned a lot and our dogs have improved so much and are so much calmer , it’s hard work but really worth it and will defiantly work if you do exactly what they say.

Isabella Talossi and Leo. May 2015

It was a pleasure to attend the classes with Martin and Brigitte. The classes are really good and efficient if you pratice the lessons learned at home. I also recommend the boarding kennels, the conditions are fantastic and Martin and Brigitte take care of your dog was if it was theirs.

Pedra Ferreia and Roxy. April 2015

Hi Brigitte and Martin,

Just wanted to thank you so much for the outstanding classes.

Bailey is doing great calm,a dream on the lead and overall the dog we always wanted and that’s thanks to you.I would advise anyone thinking of getting  a puppy to attend your classes as it so much easier than trying to correct bad habits later.

It’s also good for grown ups to learn to understand their dog as they don’t think like us, as we learnt fast! We as a family learnt so much in a short time.

Once again thank you and no doubt we will meet again,

Majella, Darren, Ava, Stephen, James, and Bailey. April 2015

Martin and Brigitte transformed our lives over 5 short weeks. Our rescued golden retriever Charlie was very anxious and very afraid to go outside. If he saw another dog (except our other dog) he would go completely out of control no matter what we tried, barking, growling, lunging, even knocking me over. Every day was stressful. We researched lots of training methods and even spent a month with another trainer who wanted to give him medication as they thought he was too far gone!!

Within 1 week of going to A1-K9 there was a difference in our household. Charlie was noticeably happier because we took control of the situation. The methods of A1-K9 are so simple yet so effective. They are easy to follow and really work if you make sure to listen and put in the effort at home.
Now Charlie is easy to bring on a walk without being a danger to me or terrifying other dog walkers. It was the best money we’ve ever spent, and we’ll be using the methods we learned for the rest of both our dogs’ lives.
Thank you once again Martin & Brigitte.
Joanne Carney and Charlie . March 2015

This is the second dog I have taken to Martin and would highly recommend. Taking the full training course has paid off immensely and now I enjoy walking the dog instead of it being a stressful battle.

It is great to see the dogs become relaxed around Martin within a short time. The set up is solely being designed towards dog training and it is the most professional I have seen.

Adrian Peglar and Kaiser. Febuary 2015

Sad the 6 week course is over … and this was my second time around, but this time with our new rescue springer x Cookie. Martin and Brigitte have forgotten more about dogs than I will ever know! Their knowledge is so plentiful, you learn from listening and watching. I love working with my animals and being a horsey woman, I appreciate the passion and competence the two bring to their job. The relationship with all of my dogs has changed to one of respect and trust but like training a horse, it’s a never ending project. If you enjoy spending time with your dog and learning about their behaviours, I can only recommend a trip to the A1k9 training centre!

Stephanie Cuninghan and Cookie. January 2015

We became first time dog owners earlier this year and on our first visit to the vet with Marley our adorable 10 week old Cavapoo pup, Sinead Falvey of Cloyne Veterinary Clinic gave us a business card for A1-K9. She suggested that it would be very worthwhile taking Marley to Obedience and Socialisation classes while she was young. Sinead was very high in her praise of Martin and Brigitte as experienced dog trainers and suggested that no dog is too young to be trained.

Needless to say the business card was put on the fridge door and we got on with life and the new puppy. By 5 months old our adorable fluffy puppy had turned into a crazy bag of frogs who you couldn’t have around friends or visitors as she would be in a frenzy jumping all over them. She would constantly be nipping at hands and pulling at trouser legs. Taking her for a walk was a disastrous experience as she would just throw herself down and refuse to budge. The dog owning experience was not a pleasant one at this stage, and Marely was definitely ruling the roost. Our household had become one where our children (8 & 11) were avoiding Marley, who ironically was the dog they had begged for and wanted for 4 long years. The last straw came one night when Janette moved her off the couch and she snapped. At this stage we decided we had to do something, so the business card was taken off the fridge door and we made the call to A1-K9. Little did we know it would be the first step in getting our lives back from being ruled by a fluffy puppy.

We attended for our assessment with Martin and true to form Marley was buzzing around the place like a demented ball of fluff. Martin introduced us to Finn his Cocker Spaniel who didn’t bat an eyelid even with a demented fluff ball all over him, he only had eyes for Martin. By the time we left Marely had changed, we knew we were doing the right thing. Martin had Marley literally eating out of his hand, the bond was formed as she sat there staring into his eyes, Martin was her new best friend and we haven’t looked back since.

From attending the 6 week course we’ve learned so much, firstly that it is all about the dog knowing its place in the “pack” , positive reinforcement, ignoring bad behaviour and rewarding good behaviour while letting the dog know that you are the one calling the shots. Soon the dog realises that it is much better to do the right thing and it eventually becomes the norm. Marley really enjoyed the experience and the difference in her behaviour is unbelievable. For a few minutes training a few times a day, it has transformed our lives for the better. She hears the lead now and runs to you waiting for it to be put on, she is a joy to have out in public, head up ignoring everything that passes her, and she just stays by your side and sits when you tell her knowing that she will be rewarded.

Thanks to Martin and Brigitte for having us and transforming Marley into being a member of our family and allowing us all to enjoy the experience that is dog ownership. If you are considering training your dog you need look no further than A1-K9, I don’t think you will find a better facility or trainer, the result speaks for itself. If only they could come up with a way of training children as well they would be onto a real winner.

Many Thanks

Janette, Andrew and Marley. Oct 2014

This socialisation class has been life-changing and I need to spread the word!

I am the owner of 2 bichon cross bitches, 1 v v easy-going and sweet, the other v v troublesome. I was at my wits end with this little madam, Bella… though small and cute, she grew in her first year to be a v v dangerous addition to our family home. Attacking all visitors big and small – she had to be separated at all costs from anyone outside the family. She was impossible to take for walk. Car sick on every journey short or long. A bundle of stress 24-7. I really was thinking the worst in terms of her future… even contemplating having her put-down, and as an animal-lover the thought of this was truly devastating for me. I found A1-K9 by accident when I was looking for kennels this summer for holiday-time. From my very first conversation on the phone with Brigitte I had hope! After a disastrous first meeting, when Bella bit Martin (the first bite he had suffered in 20 years of dealing with dogs) they kennelled my dogs for the 3 nights I was away. On collection day Bella seemed transformed – a calm had descended thanks to some great work during her stay. Encouraged by this, I followed up with the 6-week socialisation class. There were immediate positive results. After 4 decades having dogs in my life and dealing with them in a different way, I now follow Martin’s kind and straightforward positive-reinforcement training and can’t believe how beneficial the changes have been. His methods went against all my human instincts and everything I thought I knew. As humans, we treat our dogs with human emotion – but if we change our behaviour to fit in with a dog’s way of thinking, everything becomes easier and everyone in the pack is happier (both humans and dogs!). My previously troublesome little madam Bella is facing a v v bright future. Martin and Brigitte, I think ye know how sincerely grateful I am and if Bella could talk I know she would thank you too. Truly, ye are miracle workers.

Sarah G. & Bella . August 2014

Marley misses A1-K9 training but hes still doing his own training every night 🙂 great school..if anyone has any type of dog and you want the steps for training A1-K9 is the place to go…Amazing..Thanks again from Marley

Shane & Marley. August 2014

Today we completed our six week training course with Brigitte and Martin and we are over the moon with the results. Our one year old german shepherd Bailey had managed to pick up many bad habits such as people and dog aggression and it was a struggle to walk her on a lead. She had become in her first year of life a very stressed dog. Martin and Brigitte couldn’t have been more helpful if they tried. Their approach to training and techniques were in our opinion what saved Bailey, if we had not taken their classes we dread to think what the outcome may have been. They demonstrated that with constant determination and training you will see your dog begin to change and that is exactly what happened with Bailey. We left our last class today with a different dog, Bailey was calm and stress free and we are truly grateful for all the help we have received. We would highly recommend A1-K9 training and will be sure to spread the word to many other dog owners 🙂 Thank you again Emma, Michal and Bailey.

Emma Kelly & Bailey. July 2014

We just finished six weeks of training classes with Martin and Brigitte and we’re so glad we went! Our dog, a chocolate Labrador called Penny, was very hyper – pulling on the lead and uncontrollable if she saw another dog. With their help and guidelines, she is now very calm around the house, can walk nearly perfectly on the lead and is much calmer if she sees other dogs. There is still work to be done but they have given us the tools with which to do it, and we feel confident and happy with what we’re doing. Our stress levels have gone way down and Penny is visibly a happier and more secure dog. We also saw the work they did with other dogs while we were there and the change is incredible. Martin is amazing to watch with the dogs – a dog who is causing his owner trouble is calm and well-behaved within seconds of Martin taking him. We’re so, so relieved we went and would recommend the classes to anyone.

Charlotte Roberts  & Penny. July 2014

We found Martin and Brigitte to be total professionals with regards to the classes they teach. We attended the Obedience training with our Staffie and Amstaff and are delighted with the results Martin and Brigitte helped us to achieve. Pete, being a rescue staffie, had a few issues that we weren’t able to tackle by ourselves is now a new dog thanks to the tools we were taught in the class. Ruffs who was a hyper little puppy is also a changed woman! If you do one thing with your dog, make sure its a class here .

 Grace Hall. June 2014

My husband and I have just completed 6 weeks of training classes with Martin and Brigitte with our Staffie Dexter. Dexter’s a rescue dog that we took in when he was 1 & 1/2 who’s now 3. Before starting the classes Dexter had a lot of bad habits including dog aggression. Over the 6 weeks Martin and Brigitte have not only taught us how to correct Dexters bad behaviours but also helped us to see what we were doing wrong in the way we interacted with him on a daily basis. Thanks to A1-K9 we now have a happy relaxed dog that we can bring for walks in public without any stress. We would highly recommend A1-K9 to any dog owner.

 Erica Griffin & Dexter.  June 2014

I have just completed the basic 6 week course with Martin and Brigitte. My 19 month old Lab was full of energy and couldn’t do anything fast enough! Over the course of the 6 weeks, with the guidance of Martin and Brigitte, the subtle differences noticed in the first couple of weeks were built on week by week. 6 weeks later I have a different dog, totally relaxed around the house, obedient and pleasure to work with. I highly recommend this course to every dog owner.

Thanks for all your help.

Robert  &  Beau, Douglas  June 2014

I have just completed a 6 week course with my rescued tri-pawed golden retriever Reilly. When Martin and Brigette first met Reilly, he would not allow either of them approach him (or any other stranger) due to nervous aggression. He could not be controlled on lead, so I found it difficult to bring him out in public. I honestly thought he could not be trained. What a difference in him now, he loves going for his walks and I feel much more confident bringing him outdoors. There has been a huge improvement in his behaviour over the last few weeks. I picked up a lot of important tips and tricks from Martin and Brigette during the classes. They were absolutely fantastic!!!

Thank you.

Aoife, Brian and Reilly!  East Cork  Mayl 2014

We had six lessons with our dog Ziggy, as a three yr old rescue he had a lot of bad habits. However, with the help of Martin and Brigette we have all learned. Lessons are not just for the dogs, their owners need teaching too. This is all done in a friendly but strict manner. We would like to thank Martin & Brigette for their help and patience. Hopefully, what we have learned will allow us to make Ziggys’ forever home his happy home 🙂

 Cathal John Quirke & Ziggy. Carrig  April 2014

Martin and Brigitte,

We adopted a rescue dog Matley earlier this year after we lost our previous pet Belle in a hit and run accident.

Matley was a very good dog deep down but we suspect he was neglected by his previous owner and had a tough time in the dogs home so he had picked up a number of very bad habits which could have potentially developed into serious problems.

Martin spotted these issues straight away when we went for the intial assessment and by following the principles we learned Matley’s behaviour improved dramatically. We addressed all the bad habits before they became issues. He is now a much loved family pet. He behaves himself in the house, no house training issues and he walks on the lead without pulling (unless he spots a rabbit – but I guess he is still a dog so we’ll give him a pass on that one!!).

The methods Martin teaches work and make perfect sense when explained. Highly recommended.

Many Thanks,

Sean and Marie Murphy and Matley, Glanmire  April 2014

Hi Martin and Brigitte,

First and foremost I wish to commend you on your professionalism and business set-up – the inter-active nature of the classes and the teachings and tips from you both, along with the learnings from other dog owners works so well. Belle and I really enjoyed the classes and I was amazed by how much I learned. It really is a training class for the owner rather than the Dog!!

Belle (as you are well aware!) is a VERY lively and active German Shepherd. I learned to understand Belle in her language (rather letting her get away with things which I was guilty of!).

Belle still is and will always be an active dog, but she now has learned manners and knows what is right (she gets rewarded!) and what not right, altough she is too intelligent for her own good it think!

We have noticed that she has become much calmer over the past while as she no longer thinks she is the boss, (she was left get away with so much as a puppy before the classes). At times she is still excitable (if we have visitors), but we now know how to correct her and the need to correct her is getting less and less.

The most important thing I took from the class is that PERFECT PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!!! I was amazed at one point during the course at the change in Belle over a one week period when we took a conscious effort to practice Martins’s teachings each day. It’s amazing how fast she learned.

Belle is now just over 7 months and is a growing up fast, you wouldn’t recognise her, and her coat is so shiny as a result of your nutrition tips also.

After completing this course I am without a doubt a much more responsible dog owner, we give you my sincerest thanks and wish you continued success.


 Louise & The Lady Belle. East Cork  March 2014

When we adopted Louie at 9 months old, he was a nightmare on four paws!!! He was a ballistic missile on the end of a leash, dragging us along behind him and launching himself, snarling and barking, at ever dog in sight. Finding A1-K9 via the internet, we thought we’d tried everything else so… here goes nothing.

A1-K9 aka Martin and Brigitte helped us to bring Louie to a level of calmness and obedience that we could not have believed without seeing it. His rigid stance and excessive drooling in the car are also gone, as is his manic barking in the house and in the garden. Though he still loves the sound of his own bark, neighbours are no longer deafened. We are all thankful to hear the silence again.

The 6 week course ended a month ago and by adhering faithfully to Martin’s instructions, we and Louie continue to improve. He has become a happier dog and a valued member of the family. We look forward to signing up for Martin’s refresher courses.

Martin and Brigitte, thank you so much for all your help and encouragement.

 Geraldine, Karen and Louie.  Cork, Feb 2014

Hi Martin and Brigitte.

It’s been a month or so now since Bruce (our beautiful 6 month old Doberman) and ourselves finished our training with ye.To say it was worthwhile would most definitely be an understatement ! I think it’s fair to say the training is definitely more for the owners than the dog (that was certainly the case with us anyway).If I’m honest it took us a couple of classes to realise that it was our behaviour needed to change more than Bruce’s, but once we got that, we started making great strides forward and on the Saturday of our last class we were extremely proud to see Bruce prancing around the training area like a little pro! (proud Dad here!). Since we finished the course we have continued your training methods and he is progressing every day. We know we still have a lot of work to do to give Bruce the most enjoyable life he deserves but you have given us a great start.

We look forward to working with you again soon.Thank you both most sincerely.

Kindest Regards,

James, Mary and the star man, Bruce! XXX  North Cork, Feb 2014

Thank you so much Brigitte and Martin for the time that Kissy and I have spent with you. I have had German shepherds for over 30 years and with Kissy I made a couple of grave mistakes. I first “left” her with a “trainer” for two weeks for basic obedience and she came home extremely fearful and aggressive. Then I had a “dog whisperer” come to the house and this was a total failure in my eyes as well. She was always extremely dog friendly so when I came to you I was very sad that I knew this was my fault since I had ALWAYS taken my pups to obedience and I had taken what I thought was a more individualised approach. Well after 6 weeks with you, its like I have a different dog. We still have a way to go but each day is better than the last!

Thank you so much. Xx

Chris Daly and Kissy. Bantry, Jan 2014

Having had an extremely active and troublesome beagle puppy we rang Martin for advice. Following a phone call we began classes. Now we have a beagle who is still active but listens to the commands she is given. 6 weeks of an eye opener for us. We now lead the dog instead of the dog leading us. Many thanks to Martin and Brigitte. See you in March for the kennel experience for our 2 girls.

Araon Kearney. East Cork,  Jan 2014

We have our beautiful lab Ellie for over two years now. She came to us as a little bundle of fur and fun. I will admit we spoilt her from the first day we got her.As she grew older, those “mad moments” which previously had been funny and cute were now causing enormous stress within the household. Ellie (age 21\2 and 30 kg) often ran riot inside the house jumping on furniture and became quite aggressive when we tried to control her. We all had the bite marks to prove it! Friends who came to the house were jumped on constantly. By August of 2013 we were at breaking point with her! A friend recommended A1-K9. Our first contact was with Brigitte by phone, where she gave me a glimmer of hope. Ellie could be helped with her behavioural issues! Next step was Martins assessment. What an eye opener! She actually obeyed commands and responded in a calm and obedient manner. We signed up for classes within days. Training with Ellie became a priority for all the family. And what a difference those six classes have made! Ellies behaviour has improved so much. She has learned her place in the family, the mad moments have drastically reduced in frequency and intensity. Our attitude to having a dog in the home has changed also, for the better I must say. I would have no hesitation in recommending A1-K9 to any dog owners.Thank you Martin and Brigetta for all your help and encouragement. I can honestly say it’s a pleasure now having Ellie as our pet.

Norma Murray  and Ellie, Cloyne. Dec 2013


A heartfelt ‘thank you’, to Brigitte and Martin of A1-K9 for all their help and support with my dog Louis over the last six weeks. I just completed a six week dog socialisation and obedience training course with Brigitte and Martin and am extremely happy with the outcome. I can see the difference in my dog Louis and I personally have grown so much in confidence when dealing with Louis in the house, around family and friends, around other dogs and when out walking with him. I can also say that I too have learned so much about dog and animal behaviour, that the whole experience has been really, really beneficial for us both. I would recommend A1-K9 to every dog owner in the country whether you have a problem with your dog or not, it is a really, really interesting course and the whole experience has benefited Louis and I so much that our time together now is much more enjoyable, stress free and full of fun and happy moments, instead of how it used to be – stressful!!!.

If anyone would like to know more about my experiences/successes whilst doing the course, for example, the reasons I decided to do it and so forth, Brigitte and Martin have my permission to give my mobile number or email address.

I would also say that when I first phoned A1-K9 to enquire about the dog training course, I literally was at my ‘wits end’, with Louis and thought that like his previous owners, I too would have to give him away, something I did not want to do. However, when I spoke with Brigitte by phone that day, I just knew that A1-K9 would be able to help!. I am so very very happy I followed through with my ‘gut feeling’. I now have such fun times with Louis and the stress and frustration is gone, now I just love him!.

Anne and Louis.  Cork, Nov 2013

I would like to thank Martin and his lovely wife Brigitte for all their training and knowledge. Dingo was a rescue dog who was very wild and excitable, i could not introduce her to any other dogs as i could not keep control of her, she would bark constantly. Now all the training has paid off, she is a complete deam to take out in public. Dingo and I have worked so hard together and i feel a huge bond between us, i couldnt ask for a more loyal friend. Martin and Brigitte are fantastic at what they do, so thank you so much guys:)

Ais McGinley.  Cork, Nov 2013

“We have a four year old shitzu named Phoebe the most loveable family pet and one of the cutest dogs you will see. However looks can be deceiving and Phoebe was a dangerous dog and I emphasize was, as now she is much calmer. Phoebe bit a few of my sons friends always going for the smallest so we were left with no choice but to get her trained or put down. We didn’t know of A1-K9 but just searched on the internet and looking at all the positive feedback we read we decided this was the place for us. On our initial assessment it was clear to Martin and Brigitte that Phoebe was very aggressive to strangers but too aggressive to the point she attacked Martin several times. We enrolled for our six week programme and the change in Phoebe is incredible. She is a lot calmer now Martin and Brigitte were able to feed her from hand by the end of the course and from the initial assessment I was sceptical that this would have been possible. Phoebe now knows here place and pecking order in the house that we are the boss not her. This has led her to be less stressed as she saw her role as the protector and boss. We would like to thank Martin and Brigitte for their work with us and Phoebe in training not only her but us in how to handle a dog in a family. I would strongly recommend A1-K9 if you have a similar situation to the one we had.”

Len and Rachel Slye.   East Cork,  Nov 2013


Thank you so much for all your work. Your training is a miracle and has changed our lives for the better. We train every day and can  even bring Timber to the beach which we never thought would be possible !!

Thank you so much,

Ivanna, Earl and Timber.    North Cork,  Nov 2013 

I was recommended A1-K9 by a friend of mine, who had used Martin & Brigitte’s training for her puppy. Charlie is 5 and a half and a rescue dog, he is a cocker spaniel. We don’t know what happed to him before he came to us, we have him 4 years now, but he had started to get more nervous around new people even going up and being a little aggressive. Important to note that we lost our golden cocker this year Benji and they were the same age. After and initial assessment with Martin I booked the classes. Both Charlie & I have just completed a six week training programme at A1-K9 .The results have been really noticeable, prior to the training, walking with Charlie was difficult he was extremely nervous and did not relate well to anyone new. Now after completing the training programme, he is very good on the lead, and has calmed down a lot. We are not there yet, we have some work to do, but the beauty of A1-K9 is that if you are in need of help or advice they are just a call away. Charlie is a “full of beans” cocker and still has that great character and spirit just now, better behaved.

 Tom Stack.  Midleton Sept  2013

Hi all at A1-K9.

We have just completed our six week training programme at A1-K9 with our dog Joey. The results have been nothing short of astounding ! Prior to the training, going for walk with Joey was difficult to say the least – a lot of pulling on the leash and jumping up on us. Now after completing the training programme, it is an absolute joy to take him for a walk. He is calm and well-behaved, while keeping his unique springer spirit and character !

When we arrived at A1-K9 for our first training session, we would never have believed that we would graduate six weeks later with a happy, calm and confident dog at our sides.

As well as the practical elements of dog handling, we learned so much about dog psychology and pack behaviour. We really enjoyed every moment of the training programme, and clearly so did Joey !

A key learning we took away with us was that any problem behaviour is never the dog’s fault – the problem is always at the other end of the leash ! We are so much more confident now that we have the knowledge and skills to manage any problems that might arise – and adjusting our own behaviour rather than thinking there’s a problem with Joey.

The A1-K9 Training Centre is superb and the training sessions are wonderfully engaging – each one and a half hour session seemed to fly by !

We found the programme so interesting that we even decided we will be signing up for a few refresher sessions in the future, just to keep the subject fresh in our own minds.

Thanks again for everything,

Brid and Eddie    Cork  Sept 2013

An overdue thanks to Martin…
Thank you so much on behalf of Noel, myself and of course Bella (BooBoo!) She has been absolutely a darling since her training, and she is an absolute joy to have and love. The days when we had problems with her are a distant memory!
Regards and thanks also to Brigitte.

Teresa, Noel and Boo! Midleton   2013

Thank you so much Martin and Brigitte for everything you have done for Bobby and I over the past 6 weeks. The training course was very enjoyable with amazing results. I now have a very happy and calm dog.

Shelagh Bullman, Cork.  2013

A brief update on the progress of Bobby since his training. I am working on the sit and stay and we are doing great. I can now walk away about 40/50 feet before he gets worried but its going brilliant. He is so eager to learn. I cannot stress enough to people who view your page and has done the 6 week course how vital and important it is to consistently persue your training with your dog.

I myself view the dog show videos with Martin and Dex and the rest of the team and its amazing the tips you pick up just by observation alone. Also I do find them encouraging and uplifting and also very inspiring . Working with your dog and creating a special bond and that indeed is the most greatest feeling of all.

Sheelagh Bullman,  Cork.  2013

While researching training options for someone else, I came across A1-K9 and liked the sound of it. Our bearded collie Freddie is a rescue and was impossible to take for a walk, he literally dragged either of us for miles; never seemed to tire. I usually came home close to tears of frustration and with a very sore back. I took him to Martin for assessment. Within 1 minute, Martin had Freddie trotting around in a circle, tail up, slack lead. Freddie got booked into training on the spot. On the same day, I booked him in for a stay at the kennels. Freddie has spent loads of stays at the kennels since, and once he’s left out of the car it’s tail up and off he goes, not even looking back at us. I attended the 6-week training, had huge success with Freddie and enjoyed it so much that have continued training with him. Freddie remains full of life and energy, but now we can control his energy and enjoy walks with him. The 6 weeks and subsequent training is the best investment we made with Freddie.

Catherine & Aidan McGovern, Glanmire.

Since meeting Martin and Brigitte at A1-K9 our dog Rudy’s life has completely changed. He now has a wonderful and safe place to stay when we are away.Through weekly training in a kind and rewarding manner with A1-K9 we now have a happy and calm dog. We also took part in their display in Carrigtwohill this summer which was a big honor for us!
Thank you,

Rudy and Una, East Cork

I was approached one day by a lady while I was TRYING to walk my dog down the Lee Fields. She recommended Martin and Brigitte to me and both Sidney and I would hug that lady for doing so!!!!WE BOTH LOVE A1-K9!!!!Sidney no longer pulls and I’m learning too! I’ve joined the A1-k9 fun club of dog loving people from all walks of life. I would without a shadow of doubt tell anyone to join in, no matter what age or breed your beloved mutley is… all are welcome!!! Kennels are fab too.

Louise and Sidney, Douglas

Our Terrier Sally and our Bullstaff Ben have been very hard to handle. On daily walks in our town Ben used to scare people and we often had to cross the street to avoid other people with their dogs.
We went for an assessment to A1-K9 and before our eyes Martin transformed both our dogs. We have completed a training course and socialisation session and the results are so great that we have decided to get another Bullstaff. We also use the Boarding Kennels and we gladly recommend A1-K9.

Caroline and Robert O’Keeffe, Midleton

I have two Mastiffs and Jackson, the 2 year old has given me great trouble. Jackson is very powerful, stubborn and hard to control. Even after participating in a training course elsewhere last year, I did not know if I could trust my dog with other people or dogs. After a 6 week training course with Martin I have learned that my dog is actually a “pussycat”. He is now obedient and he seems to love to learn. I want to do more advanced training with Martin.

Billy O’Reagan, Mallow

I work part-time and I hate leaving my dog Rosie alone at home all day. A1-K9 provides excellent day care for my dog and I can go to work with an easy mind.

Ruth Malone, Watergrasshill

I have my longhaired German Shepherd Jake since he was a puppy. 6 years on he has grown into a very powerful dog, too powerful for me to control in public. Taking him for a daily walk was hardship and he absolutely refused to get into the car. A Sunday walk with my husband and Jake along a beach was impossible.
A recent 6-week training course with Martin literally transformed our dog and our life. I learned how to control Jake and now our daily walks are enjoyable. Jake now loves going in the car and for the first time ever we were able to take Jake to the beach.

Maureen O’Brien, Glanmire

My Terrier Molly is 14 years old and a diabetic. She needs daily injections and hates them so much, that I have to muzzle her during the procedure. We have not gone away in a few years because I was afraid to give Molly to kennels. Only recently I found A1-K9 and Martin is well able to handle the injections, he does not even need to muzzle Molly. Molly is really happy at A1-K9 and we can finally go away for a break again.

Thomas O’Toole, Glaunthaune

I am a supplier to animal care facilities throughout Ireland for many years. A1-K9 has impressed me as a “state of the art” facility with great attention to detail.
As professional a business as I have come across.

Ronan O’Callaghan, Macroom