CA.MO.FO.®  Calm – Motivated – Focused

CA.MO.FO. ®, the kind and ‘without conflict’ dog training method, that is proven to be a success with all dogs, was developed by us, Martin Noonan and Brigitte Schorn and is unique to A1-K9.

CA.MO.FO. ® has evolved over many years during our work with countless dogs in our Boarding Kennels and in training dogs (search & rescue, protection, tracking, advanced obedience, family dogs, working dogs, competition dogs).

CA.MO.FO. ® training provides an invaluable foundation in all categories of dog training.

Daily CA.MO.FO. ® training with dogs in our boarding kennels helps to eliminate a broad spectrum of behaviour issues in dogs of all breeds, ages and size.

CA.MO.FO. ® training is crucial in our successful rehabilitation of dogs with severe behaviour issues.

With regular CA.MO.FO. ® training we are able to maintain A1-K9’s unique calm, quiet and stress free kennel environment, that is paramount to the happiness and wellbeing of all dogs in our care.

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CA.MO.FO.®  Calm – Motivated – Focused