The CSPCA together with A1-K9
A Pioneering Approach To The Rehabilitation and the Re-homing Of Dogs.

The CSPCA has asked Martin and Brigitte Noonan from A1-K9 to help implement a new rehabilitation and re homing programme for the dogs in our care. A first of its kind in Ireland, this pioneering project combines the training and education of volunteers, helpers and new dog owners in an effort to successfully match dogs to suit the lifestyle and circumstances of the new owners.

All dogs in our care need and deserve a new home, but usually the calm and well-behaved animals are picked over those that are not as well behaved. We want to give all our dogs an equal chance of finding a new home and we believe that we can achieve this with this progressive new programme.

Following the success of our first in-house seminar in February for our volunteers and helpers – an introduction to the foundations of professional dog handling by A1-K9, a 4 week evening course about responsible dog ownership will be held by Martin and Brigitte Noonan in our conference room at the CSPCA centre in April. This course is suitable for all dog owners, but especially for those who are planning to get their first dog. The course contents will cover subjects like how to choose the right puppy/dog, the dog’s place within your family unit, recognising, understanding and fulfilling a dogs needs and learning to enjoy a great relationship with your dog by respecting him as a dog.

The CSPCA has chosen to work with A1-K9 because of their holistic and progressive approach to dog training and the good work they have done for several charitable dog organisations. We believe that by working together we can make great progress in improving and enriching the lives of dogs and their owners.

The cost of the course is €100.00 and will take place on the 3/4/13, 10/4/13, 17/4/13 and 24/4/13. Spaces are limited.
For further details and to book a place, please contact CSPCA per phone on 021 4515534, cspca@eircom.net / www.cspca.ie or A1-K9 on 021 4889452, info@a1-k9.com / www.a1-k9.com


23. October 2012
By Brigitte Noonan

“A1-K9 Unleashed”, our first event is over. When Dex at 6 months of age did his first performance with Martin, we decided that some day we would hold our own event doing demonstrations with dogs. It took 4 and a half years to achieve our goal.

Here is how visitors described what they saw at the event: Enthralling, amazing, never seen anything like it before, fantastic, fabulous, real professional dog training, high standard, top class performances, should be on Television.
The most common question asked after the show was: when and where are you doing the next show?

Now that we have had a bit of time to relax and reflect, we would like to say our sincere thanks to all involved who helped make the event an absolute success in every way. Nothing, absolutely nothing went wrong and we are so very proud.

Please click here for full list of sponsors and volunteers. For us, Martin and myself, “A1-K9 Unleashed” was more than what we could have hoped for. We created, organised and managed an event without any outside expert help/advice – we did it our way. To top it all, we even managed to raise a substantial amount of money for the Charity Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland.

Our club members and their dogs were faultless. Their performances on the first day were amazing, but the second day took us all by surprise. Because of circumstances outside our control, we had to improvise and double the performances of the team. Even though both the team and the dogs were tired after the first day, the concentration, the stamina and the focus of the team was commendable. All the dogs simply seemed to realise that they could not let their owners down and none of them set a “paw” wrong.

What an outstanding achievement for the team and their dogs! As to the question: when and where are we holding the next event? – Watch this space!

Press release 06. September 2012
By Brigitte Schorn

A1-K9_Unleashed_poster1Happy, contented and obedient dogs make people happy – that is the experience of Martin and Brigitte Noonan, proprietors of A1-K9 Boarding Kennels and Training Centre and organisers of a new event called “A1-K9 Unleashed” in aid of Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland.

The event, a first of its kind in Europe will be held in the state-of-art Indoor Arena of the pet friendly Paddocks holiday village in Midleton, Co. Cork on the 13th &14th of October. “A happy dogs’ life” is the theme running through a fantastic 4 hour programme, where Dog experts from Cork Veterinary Clinics, Irish Therapy Dogs, Dogs for the Disabled, Autism Assistance Dogs, the Garda Dog Unit and from A1-K9 will hold talks and demonstrations, covering everything you ever wanted to know about dogs.

There will be raffles, surprise guest appearances, musical entertainment, trade stands, food stalls and of course children’s entertainment. Highlights throughout the programme will be several unique and amazing synchronized obedience routines to music, as well as an agility display, performed by Martin and the A1-K9 Demo team with their dogs.

The idea for “A1-K9 Unleashed” was borne out of a sense of civic responsibility and the event is entirely financed by A1-K9 and private business sponsorship..Martin and Brigitte very much appreciate the contributions received to date, which will help to make this much-needed event possible.

“A1-K9 Unleashed” is all about dogs and promises to be an educational and fun day out for all dog owners. Brigitte & Martin ask that if people brin their own dogs to the 4-hour event, the dogs must be well behaved, strictly kept on a leash and owners must clean up after their dogs. For further information on the event, contact Brigitte on 021 4889452 or info@A1-K9.com


“A1-K9 Unleashed”
A happy dog’s life
13th & 14th of October 2012


12.00 –12.45pm Starting with a new puppy

  • Performance by the A1-K9 Demo team
  • Talk/Advice on training a puppy
  • Demonstration with a puppy
  • Veterinary advice on puppies
  • Performance by the A1-K9 Demo team
  • Q&A on puppies
  • Clinic – puppies


Over 18’s – €10.00
12 to 18’s – €5.00
under 12 – Free (up to 4 under 12’s per family)

15 minute break with musical entertainment

13.00 – 13.45pm Getting a rescue/adult dog

  • Talk/Advice on training an adult dog
  • Demonstration with an adult dog
  • Veterinary talk and advice on neutering
  • Q&A on adult dogs
  • Clinic – adult dogs
  • Raffle
  • Performance by the A1-K9 Demo team

15 minute break with musical entertainment

14.00 – 14.45pm Choosing a dog for special purpose

  • Performance by the A1-K9 Demo team
  • Interviews/Demonstrations with Experts from:
  • Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland
  • Dogs for the Disabled
  • Garda Southern Region Dog Unit
  • Irish Therapy Dogs
  • Raffle
  • Special Guest Appearance
  • Performance by the A1-K9 Demo team

15 minute break with musical entertainment

15.00 –15.45pm Responsible Dog ownership and good Dog husbandry

  • Talk on responsible dog ownership 
  • Veterinary talk/ demonstration on first aid
  • Clinic
  • Talk on boarding kennels
  • Veterinary advice on old dogs
  • Talk on taking your dog on holiday in Ireland and abroad
  • Performance by Martin and his dog Dex
  • Agility Display by the A1-K9 Demo team


By Brigitte Schorn
09. May 2012

The recent shocking dog attacks on two children in Limerick and Clare must serve as a wakeup call to all dog owners.owners. It is up to each dog owner, to prevent his/her dog(s) from causing harm to humans and animals.

In our experience, dog owners clearly love their pets, but they need information, advice and help on how to do the right thing by their dog. In other European Countries the media provides valuable information via TV, radio and countless dog magazines to dog owners. Regrettably this is not the case here in Ireland; in fact, more often than not our media promotes irresponsible dog ownership.

In a presently running Cork radio advert for a dog food, we can hear a mother exclaiming how her dog (quote:) has taken over waking the children in the mornings by jumping on their beds and slobbering all over their faces.
This advert actually normalises and promotes bad dog behaviour, which could have serious consequences.
It is very disturbing that our advertising standards authority permits such advertising.

In newspapers and magazines we frequently see images of dogs with babies and children. As endearing and beautiful as these photos are, again, they do send out the wrong message – that a dog can be trusted with our children.

At A1-K9 we advise: Never, ever leave your child/children unsupervised with a dog – no matter how harmless you think your pet is. A dog is a dog and not a baby or a child. A dog needs to be treated and understood as a dog. Contrary to common belief, a dog will never communicate with us in human language. It is up to us to learn and understand the dog’s language.

At A1-K9 we understand a dog’s language. We teach dog owners, to understand their dogs needs. Once the owner starts communicating with the dog, very quickly the dog will learn to become well behaved and obedient.

In an effort to make information and advice available to more people we are holding our first “learn all about the dog” event:


13TH & 14TH OF OCTOBER 2012


Experts from various Dog organisations, Vets, Dog trainers, Professionals from Cork County Council and the ISPCA have been invited to participate in the Charity Event, with profits to be donated to the
Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland. The 4-hour program will be filled with talks and demonstrations and a panel of Experts will be available to answer questions.

Martin will demonstrate with his German Shepherd Dex, what can be achieved with professional dog training and the A1-K9 Demo team with their dogs will be demonstrating their individual dog handling skills by performing various obedience routines with their dogs.

“A1-K9 unleashed” promises to be a great day out for all dog lovers.
The Event will provide information and advice to dog owners, not to dogs. However, if you wish to bring your dog, he must be well socialised, kept strictly on the leash and the following conditions apply:

Pet owners are responsible for any property damage or personal injury caused by their Dogs.
All persons who attend the Event, and who bring their dog (s), do so at their own risk and agree to abide by rules for safety established by the organisers. By bringing dog(s) onto the Paddocks site, dog owners certify that their dog(s) have current vaccinations for distemper. Dog owners also understand and agree that they are liable for any injury and/or damage to persons and/or property that may be caused by their dog. Dog owners also understand that the organisers are not responsible for loss of property and/or injury to persons or dog. The Organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to any person or animal for any cause deemed not in the best interest of the event, and/or to have any person or animal removed from the show site for any cause deemed not in the best interest of the event. Dog owners understand and agree that they will abide by all decisions of the organisers – the proprietors of A1-K9 and the proprietors of the Paddocks holiday village.

The Canine Cabaret

By Brigitte Schorn,
2. June 2011


For the past 6 weeks the A1-K9 Demo Team is busy training for our performance at this years Cork Summer show in Ballincollig. There is great excitement and anticipation amongst us, when we are preparing for a new show. Finally all the hours of advanced obedience/agility training over the cold winter months are paying off.

Martin has choreographed a new synchronised obedience routine, an agility display and a Solo routine – all to Music.
The result is the Canine Cabaret, a first of it’s kind and a testimony to our pioneering and successful approach to dog ownership. We are delighted to be sponsored by Belcando, a top class German Dog food Company who shares our holistic approach to Dog welfare.

Having already received expressions of interest in our performance, we are thrilled at the prospect of taking the Canine Cabaret across Ireland and indeed abroad. The Canine Cabaret promises entertainment for everybody.


What a Team!

by Brigitte Schorn
25. June 2010


As a new and unique East Cork Business, the proprietors Martin Noonan and Brigitte Schorn of A1-K9 Boarding Kennels and Training Centre were asked to participate and entertain visitors at last years first Medieval Festival in Carrigtwohill.

It was there that Trish Murphy saw Dog trainer Martin Noonan perform an obedience routine with his German Shepherd Dog Dex. Trish was so impressed that she decided to sign up for training sessions with her two dogs Minnie and Misty. Both dogs had “serious issues” and Trish found them very difficult to manage in public.
One year on and Trish and Minnie are two of the brightest stars performing with Martin at this years Medieval Festival on the 3rd and 4th of July.

As one of the participating main sponsors of the event, the A1-K9 team together with several of their club members and their different breeds of dogs will be demonstrating what professional dog training is all about.
The dedication and determination of all involved deserves a mention and their dogs are a credit to them.
Martin Noonan has spent a great deal of time and effort, especially in the weeks leading up to the festival, to put together a performance, that can only be described as a very special treat.

The A1-K9 Demonstration can be seen on both days between 2pm and 3.30pm. Information will be available at the A1-K9 stand.

A Dog’s Life

by Brigitte Schorn
4. January 2010


All to often we hear and read about dogs and their owners for all the wrong reasons. The countless responsible and caring dog owners and their well-behaved and good dogs hardly ever get a mention.
This news section is dedicated to all those great dog owners who are willing to do whatever it takes, to give their dogs a good life – a dog’s life – literally.

Since we opened our business A1-K9 Boarding Kennels & Training Centre, our life has changed for the better. Minding and training dogs is just a fabulous job. I have always been an early riser, but nowadays I beat the alarm clock every morning. Our first job is walking the dogs in the beautiful surrounding countryside, breathing in fresh air, listening to the birdsong and watching the sunrise. What a fantastic start to the day! Of course there are the rainy days, but all that rain makes us appreciate the sun even more.

Dealing with the many caring dog owners that come through our doors is a real pleasure. Our common love for dogs seems to break down barriers so easily. Many potential customers do their research by Internet and visit several kennels before booking their dog in. We are delighted when people ask questions regarding food, bedding, walking routine and we encourage all potential customers to come and visit before making a decision.

There is no question about it – the great majority of dog owner’s that we meet, care greatly about their dogs. How often do we hear “please take good care of our dog, we love him like a child.” For us as kennel owners and dog trainers, not a week goes by without challenge and achievement, not a day without laughter and joy. However, every job has its downside and ours is no exception. The hardest part of the job is dealing with the consequences of owners “killing their dogs with love and kindness” – literally.

Judging by our experience over the past year, we suspect, that the most common cause of death in young dogs is euthanasia, because of behaviour problems. Several Vets, Kennel owners and other professionals in the field have confirmed our suspicion.

I vividly remember Sammy. His distraught owner rang one evening to ask if we could take his ‘savage dog’ in to our kennels for the weekend. He wanted to know if the dog was salvageable before deciding to get him put to sleep. He went on to explain that his 15-week-old Cairn Terrier pup was so aggressive that both his wife and him were no longer able to cope with him.

I must admit that we did not really believe him; in all fairness, how bad can a little puppy be? We assessed Sammy and worked with him for 3 days; his aggressive behaviour was exceptional and truly frightening. No wonder, his owners were at the end of their tether.

Like so many dog owners, Sammy’s owners set out with the best of intentions but by loving and treating the dog like a child, they had created a little monster. Luckily for Sammy, his owners were willing to learn to train him and with Martins help Sammy has changed.

Both in the kennels and in our training classes we meet people from all walks of life. Apart from their love for their dogs they all share a common desire for information and advise on how to train and treat their dogs properly.
In my birth country Germany dog owners have a choice of good dog magazines and there are various TV programmes dedicated to give expert advise on dogs and other family pets.

Here in Ireland we would all benefit from more information and I am delighted that Ann Kingston and her team have just re-launched “ The Irish Dog Journal”, currently available in Eason’s. It can also be ordered directly from www.irishdogjournal.com or by phoning 05991 51784.

We at A1-K9 would like to write about our work in “The Irish Dog Journal” and right now we are looking for a sponsor who will finance our contribution. In the meantime we will regularly update this section and hope that our advice and tips will reach and help people.